Techogy is a leading data management tool and helping drive the Edtech sector forward through innovation and creativity.



New York, USA



Company Size

50-100 employees



Service we provided

  • Market research
  • Visual identity development
  • Website design
  • Front-end development
  • CMS integration

The Client

Techogy is a powerful, easy-to-use digital solution that’s changing the way schools and apps control their idea. They’re are determined to change the way education technology is perceived, used, and adopted. With BrainWave, schools can finally manage their data between third-party apps easily and securely.

Techogy provides a secure data platform for over 40,000 schools in more than 60 countries and manages the data of 35 million people.

The Challenge

The primary goal was to tell BrainWave’s story in a way that would build excitement, locality and awareness. Techogy web wanted a visual identity that reflected their personality and introduced a brand icon that would resonate with students, parents, app providers and the education sector as a whole.

The Solution

With the new visual identity and website, we created a consistent look and feel across all internal communication channels. Our bespoke and systemic WordPress website can now be easily expanded as BrainWave’s marketing and client base grows.

The Gateway to Future Success

Building an identity that can communicate with the simplicity and reliability of a traditional tech brand had to simultaneously resonate with the education sector.

We designed a symbol – the BrainWave’s shield – that functions as both a protective symbol and a school emblem. A lowercase wordmark gives the brand an approachable energy that reflects the way BrainWave works and the solutions it offers.

With the color palette, we wanted to reflect the world of classrooms, textbooks and playgrounds. SO we started with Blazer Blue and Crayola Blue as the basic colors. Then we complemented them with the warmer tones of Crayola Orange, Sunshine Yellow and Pencil Red.

To tie everything together, we created a series of thick scribbles to highlight key words in the copy, crop images, and add some spontaneity to the layouts. We also produced a small collection of badges featuring the brand’s key concepts and values to create playful and engaging collaterals.

Finally, we topped it all off with an equally expressive and straightforward illustration style, building on the shapes and gestures we found in the primary type and custom scribbles.